Happy (fill in your blank)!!

Happy MAY everyone!!

Happy new blog layout!

Happy Finals Week! (May the Odds be EVER in your favor!!)

Happy Almost summer!

Happy (fill in your blank)!!

Along with May starting a new piece of me has started. For one of the first times in my life I am giving myself grace. Can I talk and talk and talk about the unlimited supply of God’s grace?? HECK YA. But over the past 2 weeks, with the help of my counselor, I have come to realize that while I have accepted God’s grace I have never really accepted my own. The past month was a hard, emotional, month for me and I have had to come to terms with something:

I’m. Not. Perfect. [I know, I know, it's hard to believe....] But in all seriousness, I have known I was imperfect for my entire life, and I even have a sign in my dorm that exclaims: Live imperfectly with great delight. So then WHY have I held myself to the highest of high standards I can come up with?! All of my life I have just dumped on myself all of my mistakes and all of the imperfect details about myself I cannot seem to let go.

I say all of that to say… THIS MONTH is the month of Grace. It’s about time I allow myself to fully receive grace. From me. From others. From Jesus. It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s ok to start over. It’s ok to not live by the list. It’s ok to modify the plan. It’s even ok to NOT plan (that’s new).

So as I raise my glass to grace I am also admitting to 2 things. I have not kept up with my bible-in-a-year plan and I have not kept up with my memorization of James. So here is to grace and to re-starts!! For more information on both of these plans feel FREE to join me by looking at THIS PAGE.

- Sarah (:

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