Love your Pimples.

This past week at church the sermon was on loving your enemies. As you might have gathered from my clever title. I detest pimples. The only problem is pimples LOVE me. Like seriously. Love me. Uggggg. If you can imagine this morning in my bathroom there was spiritual warfare going on between my outer Sarah and my inner Sarah due to the outrageous number of zits on my forehead. Ergo I am now presenting the truth found in the word about our beauty in Christ and the love and value he has instilled in us. Many of you have probably heard this before, and if you read my blog I’ve talked about it before. BUT I want you to earnestly listen to what I have to say. If you are a boy reading this you can take this in too, but I encourage you to tell every girl you meet today that she is beautiful. It will change her whole day around. Including your mommy!! I’m a huge supporter of Moms, especially while Nannying this past month. They do so much for you! Will I make a Team Mom shirt?? Quite possibly! Anyways….

I’ll start with the view that everybody starts with when talking about self image. Psalm 139.

Specifically, Psalm 139:14, ” I  praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” We were made by the hands of the Almighty!! Thought of in endless time where He sat and pondered how to create each and every part of each and every one of us. The Angels rejoiced when you were formed!! Get with it people… we are beautiful and significant to the Alpha and Omega. This reality kind of makes us a big deal. (:

Second I want to jump back to a verse Jesus brought to my attention earlier this week [previous post].

John 14:18 (KJV), “I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you.” I could talk about all the different meanings of this verse but right now I want to focus on the fact that this verse allows us to have full confidence that Jesus cares about us. That His undying love for us goes farther than we can ever imagine and that He undoubtably is head-over-heels in love with you! Knowing this fact brings me to my next point…

Jesus made us, and He has undying love for us, ergo; aren’t we beautiful. He thinks so!! The book of the bible Song of Songs was written by Solomon in order to give us a view of how a man and woman should love each other. But also this gives us a perfect example of how Jesus views us! After all He is the Lover of our Souls.

Song of Songs 1:15, “How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes are like doves.”

Song of Songs 2:2, “Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens.”

Jesus loves you. I love you. You are BEAUTIFUL. Remember these things and rest in the truth that God is a loving and caring God, but most importantly you are His favorite thing in the whole wide world!!

*Steps off soap-box*

- Sarah (:

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Points for the Sass-Master.


Ok. I’m about to give you a radical image of Jesus. Work with me. In my opinion, Jesus will talk to his children in anyway they will listen to Him. So if this morning I was being a total Diva… it shouldn’t surpirse me that Jesus would reply to me like a Diva.I could try to explain the conversation that went on between the two of us, but it might just be easier to write out my journal entry…

July 27, 2011 11:30 a.m.

Sarah: “Jesus what advice do you have for someone is having a mental break down?” I then proceed to open Jesus Calling and read the entry from today entitled HOPE. “Hope? Can’t you see that I’m not anxious about the HOPE of Heaven. I do not doubt Heaven. I am concerned about tomorrow. I am just trying to survive the week. It’s killing me. The boys are on my last nerve, I can’t think about having to pick out one more outfit for Maren, I do not want to have to do laundry or dishes today and since the dish washer broke it’s going to take twice as long. I would really like John to come visit me but of course his car broke down so sweet…. I’ll just keep working my butt off over here and HOPING that magically I’ll get to go home a week early and just sleep. Jesus I am exhausted!”

It didn’t take long for my hand to begin writing Jesus’ reply. Sorry not sorry if this freaks you out. Jesus and I communicate by pen quite frequently. It’s how we work. He knows words are what get to my heart, so He lovingly talks to me through writing…

Jesus: ” Sarah. We have been over this before. I don’t call you to live for today. I call you to live for my kingdom. Newsflash. That means I call you to live on MY time. And I am TIMELESS. So be patient.”

Sarah: “But what about all the things I’ve been praying about? Are you going to give me answers to these things?”

Jesus: “Matthew 6:33 – 34. Sarah you’ve memorized this verse. You of all people should have the faith to trust in this passage. Write it down one more time and allow it’s truth to sink in.”

Sarah: “Matthew 6:33 – 34, ‘But seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Jesus: “Beloved, please trust in me. If I haven’t failed you yet why would my abilities change in this crucial part of your life?”

Sarah: “I don’t know. I’m just exhausted and I can’t handle this on my own.”

Jesus: “Read John 14:18 what does it say?”

Sarah: “John 14:18 (NIV) I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.”

Jesus: “Read it in King James.”

Sarah: “John 14:18 (KJV) I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you.”

Jesus. “Sarah, just rest in me. Remember I call you to be still in my presence. I am always there, comforting and providing. I love you.”

Sarah: “I love you too.”

Today I felt it necessary to share this with you. Because as you are moving through crucial parts of your life Jesus is comforting you. Standing with you. Holding you and giving you HOPE. I pray this brought peace to your heart, as it did mine. Jesus loves you and isn’t going to let you down. I promise. Feel free to leave a comment below, facebook me, email me (, tweet me, or call me and tell me what Jesus has been telling you. Like I said. He can be a Diva at times… but only because He wants us to listen.

- Sarah (:

His Desire for Your Heart.

When I first began my walk with Jesus my young life leader, Betsy, taught me to journal my prayers. She does and so she said it would probably help me keep focused while I was praying. It does. I journal everything. I feel like writing allows my heart and my hand to express how I feel without trying to tangle my thoughts, like my mind so often does. Anyways… one of my favorite parts about journaling my prayers and thoughts is that I can re-read them and re-pray them and meditate on how my heart is feeling. These are a few sentences in the past week’s journal entries:

July 19, 2011: “I pray I am no longer anxious about anything. For your plan and your will are my blessing to obtain. You know what is best and you know what is true. So God I lean on you and you alone.”

July 21, 2011: “Jesus let me rest in you. I am exhausted and trying to live your will is draining. Comfort me and allow me to drink from your river and harvest from your field.”

July 22, 2011: “Jesus I desire to be constant in your love and life. I pray I trust in your pursuit of me.”

July 25, 2011: “Daddy I come to you, broken and weak. Sin in human flesh. Thank you for forgiveness and truth. Allow me to rest in you and your good.”

July 26, 2011: ” My God, I come running to you. I curl up in your arms and you hold me dearly. Your strength keeps me calm as I rest in the reality that your plan is far greater than mine. Allow me to fully trust in you with all my heart, soul, and mind,”

I posted these clips of my prayers not for your benefit but for mine. Jesus has been calling after my heart to REST and to TRUST in Him. I just loved looking at this past week and seeing how much Jesus has been pursuing these thoughts in me. So my prayer for myself and for you is that you too can find REST in Jesus and that you can fully TRUST in His love and plan for us. I pray you are taking the time to notice what God is placing on your heart and what lessons he desires you to learn throughout your daily walk with Him. I encourage you to recognize the little words here and there that your heart and mind and soul keep repeating to you. Today I was reading from Psalm 143 and a verse that jumped out at me was Psalm 143:6, “I spread out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land.” Also, Psalm 143:10, “Teach me to do your will for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”

So I encourage you to listen to what God has placed on your heart and feel free to leave me a comment here, facebook me, email me (, tweet me, or call me, if here is something I can be praying for you. God gave us the gift of prayer! Don’t take that for granted.

- Sarah (:

Jesus I Come.

This powerful song has inspired me in so many ways, but today it hit me with a whirl of emotions in a totally different way. On earth we are sinners but once in Heaven we are free. We come into eternal life without the chains of sin on our arms and without having to take on the daily battle of this brutal life. One of my dearest friends, Megan Scheuneman, lost her mother a year ago today. I was hesitant to write these thoughts, but it would be a shame not to. I rejoice in the reality that Mrs. Scheuneman was allowed to leave this place of such burden. Her body was so broken, as all humans can become, and she was freed into the everlasting to join our Father in Heaven! Oh how I love this vision! Megan, I love you, and you are always in my thoughts and prayers but especially today. Thank you for the blessing of introducing me to your Mother.

I encourage you to listen to the words of this song. Take in the truth of these words and love how Jesus loves us!

- Sarah (:

He is My Provider.

Today was a day full of the comfort of many friends. In the last 24 hours I have talked to 10 or so of my closest friends. Jesus is just so good to me. He knew that my heart was vulnerable today and honestly lacking in the strength that I needed to get through the day. So, He loved me by bringing me loved ones to give me little pieces of encouragement throughout the day. I love this. That Jesus holds the desires and needs of our hearts so strongly in His hands. We are able to reach out to Him and He is wiling to comfort and love us as tangibly as possible!! I have been walking through different chapters of the bible with my dear friend John. And right now we have been going through Romans together. [John is honestly one of my closest companions and one of my favorite things about him is how he retains so much knowledge about the background of the bible and how he knows a lot of what is going on during the time period that the book is written in. A small piece of me sinfully envies this about him. ANYWAYS...] We have been talking about how the book of Romans was written in order to speak to the Gentiles and the Jews. To spread the gospel to two totally different cultures because Jesus loves us all. Romans 4:16 really spoke to me today by comforting me and encouraging me, “Therefore, the promise comes by faith, so that it may be by grace and may be guaranteed t0 all Abraham’s offspring…”

Also, Romans 4:21 says, “being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised.” And I feel like God has promised me so much and has proved it so much over the past couple of days. That I am ridiculous to doubt Him because He cares for me more than the flowers and the birds, but yet He still provides for them. Gosh God is soooo good!!! I hope your day was full of comforts that Jesus loves you, because here is the truth… HE DOES!

My Southwind friends, which so many of I talked to today! I love you guys and thank you so much for your encouragement and love!

- Sarah (:

When You Wish Upon a Penny

This is me throwing a penny into the Memorial Pool down in front of the World War II Memorial in D.C…

The next 6 days are going to be a journey. No doubt about it, ladies and gentlemen, God has got my life in His hands and He is allowing me to take life right by the horns and live it to the fullest! I’ll ask you to pray that while I’m wishing for the little things that I keep me my mind on the big things. Thanks for all the emails, comments, and facebook messages of encouragement and prayer requests. You are most def. on my heart and I thank you for placing me on yours!!

- Sarah (:

Calm My Heart, Oh God.

Am I to be an author? Am I to be a wife? Am I to be a mother? Am I to die young and be a martyr for you? God tell me.

Jer 29:11 allows me to know in full confidence you have laid out my life for the glory of Your Kingdom. I just pray I can learn to accept and appreciate this reality. Because of Prov 3:5-6 I trust in you, LORD, with all my heart, soul, and mind. And because of Matt 6:33 I seek first your kingdom. So, will you then fulfill the desires of my heart, oh God?

This is my everlasting question. I write tonight simply to express my loss for words. I have not been ignoring blogging and I have not been too busy to write. Just I have been focusing on other parts of my life that God has called me to center on. Myself. For the past 9 days I have simply been working on my heart… not true…. I have been cleaning, preparing meals, doing chores, watching kids, driving kids, striving to be the best care-giver I can be… AND seeking after God’s heart in order to focus on myself. But that is no excuse it’s simply my new reality. I love my life and thank God everyday for the millions of blessings He has given me. I praise God for this opportunity and I know I will continue to serve Him and obey His commands while He calls me to be in Washington, D.C. with these 3 beautiful children and their parents. But my thoughts are still jumbled and you are still just as confused as I am.

I am in a situation that places me at a cross road. I can either strive after the desires of my heart OR I can sit and be still in the presence of the Almighty God has He requires me to be patient. This, as many of you know, I am bad at. Jesus has asked me to wait. So wait I will. I have learned to agree with what the Lord asks, simply because I know that there is no avoiding it. But what I come to you with is that I am unaware of how to be content in being patient. I have yet to discover how to do this.

If you are reading this and you have wisdom or comfort for me while I sit and wait PLEASE feel free to leave me advice. For those of you who are reading this and you don’t have advice I appreciate you reading this and possibly having sympathy on my soul. For those of you who are reading this and you are in the same kind of situation as I am…where God has called you to wait… hang tight. I am praying for you and loving on you in every way I know how. PLEASE feel free to message me on Facebook or to tweet me or leave a comment below knowing how I can pray specifically for you. I appreciate all of you.

- Sarah (:

My Heavenly Identity.

The me you see

is not reality.

The me you see

has pure morality.

Fearfully made

my every feature,

destroyed by man’s

sinful nature.

My earthly desire

produces sin,

producing death

in return.

I am at a loss

due to my debt,

a sad fate

the prophecy has set.

But Yahweh is good.

Pure and True.

Alpha and Omega.

Old and New.

Placed on a cross

by ignorant man-kind.

He took this cup.

The contract He did sign.

My sin now gone,

forgiven in full.

My debt He paid.

My heart He rules.

This world captures

me by rejection,

Savior frees

me by redemption.

He does not see

the me you view,

because It Is Finished.

No more is due.

So allow me to live

in full admiration

of the God who view me

with loving adoration.

Put away all

the harsh insults,

and kindly accept me

for all my faults.

For I come to you

with understanding eyes.

For He forgives your sin,

like He forgives mine.

- Sarah (:

Jesus Can We Match?

Meet Maren. I love her. She is the youngest of the three that I now live with. They are the joys of my life and I would’t trade them for anything. One thing you will quickly learn about Maren is that she was made for the big screen. Whether it be modern dancing, or singing, or acting, and even modeling, Maren is on a stage. No worries though, she adores her audiences. (:

Maren is 9 and has two older brothers: Owen (13) and Nicky (10). She is ALL-GIRL and can never quite convince her brothers to play dress up or get manicures and pedicures. So, as you might imagine, from the moment I pulled into her driveway it’s been girl talk 24/7. We talk about boys and clothes and almost anything her mind can think of. All she desires is to be near me and enjoy the things I enjoy. If I am wearing orange…. you better believe Maren is too. Yesterday evening I was wearing a bikini to the pool and Maren begged me to take her back to the house so she could get her bikini instead of the one piece she was already wearing. It didn’t matter that it’s a 15 minute drive back to the house Haha.

But isn’t she a wonderful reminder of how we should act towards Jesus? I think we should desire nothing but to be near Him. Mary and Martha experienced the same battle with Jesus in the flesh. And Jesus acknowledged Martha’s faith rather than Mary’s. Before I walked into Maren’s life she settled for watching sports with her brothers and coloring by herself. But once the two of us were introduced she refuses to return to her old ways. She has seen the greatness of having an “older sister” and won’t look back. If only my faith was like Maren’s. She has full confidence in me. That I will never let her down and that no matter what I am doing I will stop to play with her and to enjoy her company. What if we treated Jesus like that? I think the world would be a totally different place! Don’t you?

Just a sweet reminder thanks to my beautiful Maren. Time to pick her up from ballet practice.

- Sarah (: