The Little Joys of Life.

I have a brand new cousin in the family. Well she is almost a cousin. We are as close to cousins as possible without sharing blood. This sweet baby girl is my Uncle’s wife’s sister’s baby!! Follow that? Hahaha. I am not going to say her name, but I promise you her name is beautiful and she is beautiful! She looks just like her Mommy but at the same time just like her Daddy.

It’s days like these, when I visit my wonderful extended family and we all get to celebrate the time of new life and new joy, that I know God is good. When I am older I hope to be married and have  a wonderful baby just like her. Boy or girl. Twins or one at a time… I don’t care. Just a beautiful baby that I get to delight in day and night. This sweet girl is now seven weeks old and she is wonderful. Hopefully soon she will learn to sleep in her crib so that her parents can get some rest, but until then Sleep Sheep is our favorite creation!! (:

Anyways… sorry for the long absence between blogs. I’ve been traveling around NYC and WDC for he entire week and since my computer gave up on me last week it’s been crazy. But thanks for sticking with me and I’ll try to write again asap.

- Sarah (:

How to Succeed in Blogging without Really Trying.

First things first. I know I have been awful in the past couple of weeks on blogging. I have traveled so much that I have barely been able to spend anytime with my family let alone blog, and earlier this week my computer gave up on me and died. Tragic tragic death. But I have the best Daddy in the world who is hopefully going to be able to fix it until I can get my macbook pro for Christmas/Graduation haha. (don’t comment on the fact that it is April or Dad will get upset!) But anyways, no excuses. Here I am back at work for your enjoyment and mine!

I am currently in Maplewood, New Jersey visiting my lovely family on my Moog side and last night my Aunt Judy, cousins Haley and Aubrey, and I dashed off to NYC to have dinner at a wonderful Italian place called Tony’s and then over to the broadway show How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying! A hysterical production starring Daniel Radcliffe himself! (: I’m still trying to decide if the show would have been as marvelous if he wasn’t the star. But all in all it kept you laughing the whole show and it was most def. entertaining! I loved it! By the time we got back to NJ it was after midnight and so I crashed into bed after doing a little devo. [The picture on the left I took last night while rushing to the theater! It's Time Square!] What a night to be with family and friends!

- Sarah (:

P.S. New York Cheesecake is to die for!

The simple joys in life.

It was such beautiful day in Atlanta that i decided it was necessary for me to buy myself an ENO! And i have to say it could possibly be my favorite thing i own. I love it! Currently I am sitting in it reading and writing and blogging but sadly soon i’ll have to get up and go work on a scholarship applications and then go pack for an exciting trip to Knoxville and New York and Washington DC. I know, life is so hard isn’t it? Ha but today has just been a day of bliss worth having which i’m so glad to say because everyone deserves a day like mine!! I hope your day was full of small blessing that God granted you with to show you He loves you!  - Sarah (:

You can find an ENO and the essential straps in my Amazon Store here.

18 Years of Glory

Wow! 18 years of a beautiful life with a beautiful family and wonderful friends and fun!! Many blessings have been given to me, no doubt, but I give all the glory to God. He deserves it! In the past 18 years I have done so many things that some don’t ever do and God has surely blessed me in preparation for what’s to come. THANK YOU JESUS!! This week has been full of celebrations and full of fun and I’m excited for many more years (God-willing) to glorify Him here on Earth before spending all of eternity with Him!

Beth Moore specifically talks about at one point where she prays that people will look at the “shadow she casts” and not see her but they see Christ. That when looking at her path they don’t see her footprints, but the mark of a cross being dragged behind her. What a beautiful picture that I too pray is a piece of my life. Praise God!!

Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God in the highest! Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God forever!!

- Sarah (:

The Easy Life.

Today i was playing on my brand new iphone (which i am currently blogging from) and googling things about my brand new nikon camera (which i love) and all of a sudden i couldn’t help but feel beyond wealthy. Not in a good way. I had been complaining about wanting a new jacket last night and saying several other things that would only be heard from a spoiled brat! I was so ashamed when God rushed thoughts into my head of the little girls in third world countries that would love a nice dress let alone a piece of the fastes technology in today’s world. How humiliating it was to realize that i was complaing about my clothes ad my material-filled world when little boys in other parts of the world would do anything…. And i mean ANYTHING for a box of crayons!! Gosh. God humble me and give me wisdom because latley i have not been a good steward of my thoughts money and time. You are not greedy. Allow me to have similar characteristics.
As i have been given the blessing and the ability to attend college in the fall i pray i can remember that the money will come. God, You will provide. Don’t let me stress and worry because indeed Your eye is on the sparrow

- Sarah (: